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In alphabetical order 

Archive of Memory - a semi permanent exhibition opened on 10 November 2006

The "Archive of Memory" was created to serve as a catalyst and mediator ...>


David Goldblatt photographic - this upgraded and semi permanent exhibition has been showcasing since 20 November 2008.

David Goldblatt's lens has been zooming in on the South African social and political scenario for half a century ...>

Forgotten Faces - running currently (opened on 08 October 2008)

"The Forgotten Faces" Exhibition is an outstanding photographic essay created by artist Jon Riordan. ...>

Generations of Jazz - a semi permanent exhibition which opened on 21 June 2013

This vibrant and authentic exhibition features local jazz artists from the New Brighton community, dating back to the 1960s and forward to the present ...>

Hall of Columns - a semi permanent exhibition

The fifteen columns at Red Location Museum are dedicated to heroes ...>


Langa Massacre - 'You are my Witness' - running currently

"You are my Witness" is a photographic essay and commentary dedicated to the mothers, fathers, women, men and children ...> 


Narrative on Red Location  - a semi permanent exhibition (being upgraded)

The Museum seeks to tell the story of Red Location through a permanent narrative ...>


Struggle Underground - a semi permanent exhibition (being upgraded)

During 1953 most of the Port Elizabeth (PE) African National Congress (ANC) leadership was banned by the Apartheid Regime ...>


The 3 Quilted Narratives - a semi permanent exhibition (the first one since 10 November 2006)

A group of residents from the surrounding community ...>


The Struggle and Memoralisation of Music - a semi permanent exhibition

This exhibition, curated in one of Red Location Museum's Memory Boxes This exhibition, curated in one of Red Location Museum's Memory Boxes ...>


Vuyisile Mini - a semi permanent exhibition

One of the outstanding exhibitions featuring at Red Location Museum is the Vuyisile Mini Exhibition and is dedicated to ...>

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